What the luxury interior design process entails


It is quite easy to suggest that the luxury interior design process begins from the vantage point of a good book of business where the budget is generous and large enough to scale the grand heights of giving birth to a magnanimous project and overseeing it to its conclusion like a lord inspecting his lands. But such grand scales all have its humble beginnings. The most inspirational journeys begin with the one who dared to risk it all.

The world’s best interior design schools are quite costly for the general college graduate. Not everyone gets in. and money does not always change hands. What happens is that the self-sacrificing designer presents his future mentor with a portfolio of works that simply gives them goose bumps. They are taken aback and reminded of ancient pioneering adventures that created the landmarks we see today. Some of them have even been included in the portfolio of the world’s natural wonders.

The majestic designer, in his earliest days, knocked on the doors of a number of luxury interior design companies before at least one well polished door knob was opened. He did not give up. He had something to show the world. Yes, he was already thinking, not only dreaming, beyond borders. He had a vision which went beyond creativity. The vision of the successful luxury designer included a solid business plan.

If he was turned down by role players with influence, he would eventually build his own reputation not just through sheer doggedness but, quite probably through genius. With more money imaginable to spend, more and more patrons of his arts came knocking on his studio door. Granted, this has been a subjective narrative but it has been influenced by inspiration of what has been achieved already.